Queen of Kush


Tananda is a lithe Chaga woman whose skin favors strongly her Stygian ancestry (which has led to rumors that her father was a Stygian noble, rather than the late king) more than Kushite. Her eyes are a light brown and her hair is as dark as the dusty pyramid corridors in the Necropolis. She has an air of sex appeal, and uses it to get what she wants.


She is the sister of the late Arrakkamani, deposed King of Kush. As such, her claim to the throne of Kush is still strong. She is called by many monikers, from “the Beautiful” and “the Wise” by her sycophants to “the Deceiver” or “the Serpent” or simply “the Bitch” by her opponents. During the Revolution, she fled by boat to Sytgia and her current whereabouts are unknown.


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