Polythemos of Argos

Argossian Sea Captain


Polythemos is a shorter Argossian trader and merchant. He stands about 5’4" tall. He has dark eyes and dark, curly hair that bristles down his arms and knuckles. He has a surly temperament and wears an open vest that reveals a hairy belly. His fingers are adorned with various jeweled rings. He wears a wrap on his bald head with a shell on it, his personal homage to Mitra, whom he worships fervently.


Polythemos is the captain of the Argossian Maid, a small slave galley that trades between the Barachans, Kush, Stygia, and Argos. He has been missing on a strange island, after being carried off towards a mysterious city in the woods.

Polythemos of Argos

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