Ere the World Crumbles

A City Divided

Shumballah at night

“Shumballah is on the brink of war!” Betzallah told them. “This is the only way! The King must be deposed, his line ended, and a new theocracy, under Set, is the only way to prevent civil war and mass bloodshed!” The heroes knew that Betzallah wasn’t lying, at least about the tension in the city. The brown-skinned, mixed race Chaga who ruled loathed the black races that inhabited Shumballah, and the walls of the Capital district, El Shebbeh, served as dividers between the Chaga nobility and the majority Gallah, who lived in shanties and slums outside the thick stone noble and government districts. El Shebbeh had always been a client city of Stygia, taking orders directly from Khemi. The Gallah, with their jungle deities and resilience, never entirely grew subservient to their rich, foreign overlords. A new cult, rising out of the Witch-Finder Ageera’s acolytes, was gaining followers and fighters, and the oppressed people had grown restless against the whips of the snakes. . .



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