A tall, lithe Chaga priest of Set


Betzallah is a middle-aged Chaga priest of Set, who dwells in Shumballah and oversees some of the administrative functions of the Temple of Set. He stands approximately six feet tall, and weighs between 170 and 180 pounds. His skin is of a lighter black color, showing his Chaga ethnicity. His head and face (including eyebrows) are clean shaven, and his robes are of khaki linen, with golden snakes running along the fringes of his sleeves and neck.


Little is known at this time of Betzallah’s background. He carries the reputation amongst Shumballah nobles of a pervert and an incompetent, but it seems clear that this is only a facade.

(From the Nemedian Chronicles)
Betzallah served under King Arrakkamani I, as his loyal religious adviser, until Betzallah’s death on the 16th Day of the Crone, Year of the Ape. Betzallah was murdered by partisans during the Gallah Revolt in the city of El Shabbeh.


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