Arrakkamani I


Arrakkamani is an aged Chagga male of gaunt build. He is frequently adorned with a headress of brass and bracelets and baubles of gold and ivory, taken from the small villages throughout his Empire. He is a fickle ruler who is quick to disregard his own safety and the loyalties of his servants. He rules with an iron fist that is solidly in the grip of his sister, Tananda the Deceiver. His disdain for the Gallah denizens of his realm is not subtle.


Arrakkamani I, King and Protector of the United Tribes and Kingdom of Kush, ruled from the Thirteenth Day of the Yuluk, Year of the Dragon, until the Sixteenth Day of the Crone, Year of the Ape. He was deposed by partisans, put on trial, and executed. He was survived by his sister, Tananda the Deceiver, whom fled to Stygia. He was succeeded by Ageera the Wise, leader of the revolution.

The Histories of Kush

Arrakkamani I

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