Ere the World Crumbles

Tombs and Treasons

Orastes Ramla Darvus
Betzallah Arrakkamani I Tananda
But Betzallah’s plans spoke of treachery and treason of the highest sort… an incursion into the tomb of the ancient King Zuulmani, patriarch of the royal house and great, great grandfather of Arrakkamani I, the King of Kush. In these catacombs, in the bowels of the Great Pyramid of El Shebbeh’s ruling family, they would find Zuulmani’s tomb, and more importantly, his bones, for which Betzallah’s plans were uncertain. But it was certain that the plans were borne of some type of evil, for Betzallah was a puppet of Thoth Amon, and therefore a minion of Set. Betzallah grew restless under what he considered Arrakkamani’s blasphemous rule, which moved further from the teachings of Set… El Shebbeh had always been a puppet city of Khemi, after all. The re-introduction of the old Kush gods, feral and petty under Set’s gaze, Betzallah thought, was begging for retribution, and Set was not forgiving. Betzallah wanted them to steal Zuulmani’s bones for a demonic ritual that would aid the cause of Set in deposing King Arrakkamani I, and his troublesome Queen, Tananda.

Orastes was reluctant to do the priest’s bidding, however, and immediately returned to the King’s audience chamber to inform him of the priest’s intended betrayal.

The King was skeptical, and Betzallah’s purring charmed the Queen, whose hold on the King was great. He sided with her and Betzallah, whom he thought was a bumbling old perverted man. Orastes was dismissed of the King’s service, replaced by the King’s young nephew, and Orastes’s loyalty was repaid with a dismissing wave of the hand. With nowhere to go and anger in their hearts, the heroes reluctantly agreed to Betzallah’s quest.

They were to break into the Royal Pyramid, make their ways down to the lower levels, and find Zuulmanni’s tomb. Therein, they would find and bring to Betzallah Zuulmanni’s bones and brains. The purpose was uncertain, but Ramla suspected that there was a demonic summoning purpose.

Betzallah phrased his reasons only in saying “That fool king started a dynasty of foolhardy heathens. It must end.” Set would return, and Stygia’s anger would be abated.



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